CostaMed Covid-19 Testing

Expires: Friday, December 31, 2021
CostaMed Covid-19 Testing

CostaMed offers its patients the tranquility to travel. Schedule your appointment to take your test.

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These are complicated times, and CostaMed wants to make sure you are safe on your travels. This is why it's offering Covid-19 testing so you can be tranquil while away from home.

PCR Test for $123 USD

24 to 48 hrs.

PCR testing has the Gold standard for Covid-19 detection according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Some restrictions may apply. Please verify with your embassy or airline.

It is important to note the following requirements for at least 3 hours before taking the PCR test:

  • Avoid eating
  • Avoid liquid consumption
  • Avoid smoking
  • Completely avoid brushing your teeth
  • Avoid using mouthwash
  • Avoid any nasal drops or sprays

An appointment is required to take the test.



Max time: 24 hrs.

ANTIGEN testing is approved by the United States of America, however, in other countries, some restrictions may apply. Please note it is important to verify with your embassy or airline prior to doing the test.

It is important to note the following requirements for at least 3 hours before taking the ANTIGEN test:

  • Avoid smoking
  • Avoid any nasal drops or sprays

 An appointment is required to take the test.

 Please note it is important to provide the following requirements before scheduling your appointment:

  • Show an official ID (mandatory)
  • Fill out the "Epidemiologic Profile" form *
  • Fill out the "Medical Information Request" form *

           *Both will be provided to you


This service is also available by appointment only and by following the same requirements mentioned above. Please check with your hotel before requesting this service. *This service generates extra fees.

Call one of our agents at Dental Departures to schedule your appointment today, we are more than glad to be of help to you during these difficult times.

Terms and Conditions

  1. This promotion is only available to Dental Departures/Medical Departures customers
  2. This promotion cannot be combined with any other Dental Departures/Medical Departures promotions
  3. To qualify for this promotion the customer must mention the discount code to Dental Departures/Medical Departures customer care agent when booking via phone, email, LiveChat, FaceBook or add the promotion code when booking online.
  4. Customers cannot book direct with the clinic and receive this promotion
  5. This promotion cannot be used by employees or associates of Dental
  6. Departures/Medical Departures, employees or associates of Dental Departures/Medical Departures partner clinics
  7. Dental Departures/Medical Departures reserves the right to vary the promotion terms or to withdraw the promotion at any time
  8. Dental Departures/Medical Departures's decision is final in all matters relating to the promotion
  9. The promotion is valid for bookings made prior to the expiry date, regardless of the appointment date
  10. Dental Departures/Medical Departures will honor only one promotion, per person, per visit
  11. This promotion is valid only through appointment
  12. It is strictly required to follow the clinic's protocols to take the test
  13. CostaMed is not responsible for any changes in your country's reentering requirements, estimated departure flights, or decisions taken by the patient to choose the best timing to take the sample, those are the sole responsibility of the patient
  14. The prices mentioned may change without previous notice
  15. Test availability while supplies last
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